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Here at The Computer Place, we're known for our dedicated support. This page is a jumping off point for you to explore our online Support section.


1. Due to the large volume of calls we've recently received regarding the Sobig worm, we are now blocking attachments with the following extensions:

.pif (program information file)
.scr (screen saver file)
.bat (batch file)
.vbs (visal basic script file)

If you are are trying to receive an attachment with the above extensions, please have them first "zip" (compress) the attachment to ensure delivery.

Online Virus Scanners If you are already infected, you can download Symantec's fix tool here:

Fix Sobig

2. On 8/11/03 a new virus was born, Blaster worm, and is running rampant across the internet. This virus only infects Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The most readily identifiable symptoms apparent on infected computers are "RPC" errors and "SVChost.exe" errors. In some case we have noticed that Windows will shutdown on its own. You can download the Symantec Fix tool here:

Fix Blaster

Microsoft has patches available for both systems. It is highly recommended that all users make sure that they are keeping up with Microsoft's critical updates. You can download the RPC fix here:

Windows 2000 Windows XP