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Internet Training

Introduction to the Internet

This two-session class will cover all you need to begin to understand, use, and enjoy the internet. In it we will explain what the internet is, how it works, and how you hook-up. We will explain the World Wide Web, introduce browsers & search engines, and teach you to use them. We will also cover how to get, or "download," things from the internet, such as pictures, drivers, and programs. You'll learn how to download safely, where to put your downloads, how to decompress, and how to use your downloads.

No prerequisite.
Two, two-hour sessions

Using E-mail

Everybody wants email! This course will cover choices of programs, composing & sending mail, and using address books. We'll also teach you how to send documents, pictures, and other items over the "Net," including formatting files to send and decoding files on receipt.

One, two-hour session